7 Effective Strategies For Bulk SMS Marketing

7 Effective Strategies For Bulk SMS Marketing

Effective Strategies – It is well acknowledged that SMS marketing has one of the greatest open and response rates of any marketing tactic. Since the majority of people always have their phones on them and can read and respond to an SMS in under three minutes, it is a useful approach to get your company in front of potential clients.

The easiest way to reach your potential clients in Nigeria is through bulk SMS messages because not everyone has access to or knowledge of smartphones. Even though email click-through rates are low compared to the rest of the globe, the majority of individuals won’t read their emails unless they contain something very significant, like an invitation to a job interview.

The majority of the elderly population believes that most internet firms are scams, therefore they place their trust in the conventional type of marketing, such as SMS marketing, which may not provide a high return on investment (ROI), such as social network marketing. They increase the legitimacy of SMS.

If you have already implemented an SMS marketing strategy into your marketing plan for your company in Nigeria, here are seven techniques to engage and keep your customers, which will increase your return on investment.

Bulk SMS Marketing
Effective Strategies

7 Effective Strategies For Bulk SMS Marketing

Use A Tried-And-True SMS Platform.

The platform or software you employ has a significant impact on how well your SMS marketing plan performs. You shouldn’t pick a platform with a high downtime and low message delivery rate given the rapidly expanding number of Bulk SMS service providers. Select a Bulk SMS platform that has shown to be effective over time.

When it comes to platform options, SMS With Us is the top bulk SMS service provider in the industry. In Nigeria, it is the greatest site for purchasing bulk SMS. The service offers a smooth and trouble-free experience with round-the-clock customer care. Additionally, it offers a technique to avoid recipients who are in Do-Not-Disturb mode.

The SMS platform offers an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to set up a bulk SMS account, purchase bulk SMS units, and begin taking advantage of its numerous advantages.

Utilize Automation.

Numerous difficult activities are made easier by automation, which also gives you some freedom in your organization. You can use the extra time saved to take care of other critical tasks. Why not join the 95% of organizations that already use at least one marketing automation platform?

You may incorporate automation into your marketing approach using SMS With Us. You can choose when you want to send out your messages without necessarily being there by using the platform’s scheduling tool. It will be sent on your behalf by the platform without any mistakes.

In your case, this implies that your company can continue operating normally without you. You don’t need to engage anybody else to send your messages at a specific time, which results in lower overhead expenses, higher revenue, and more time for other crucial tasks. Use a platform to help you save time.

Keep It Brief & Easy.

You must keep in mind the 160-character SMS character limit when writing your message. Keep your message succinct, direct, and sweet. Make sure the message is focused on a single subject and get right to the point. To save more characters anytime you need to include a web link, use a URL shortener.

Incorporate a call to action (CTA).

Decide in advance what you want the receiver to do when they receive the message: do you want them to visit your website, apply a coupon code, or reply? Whatever you want the recipient to do after reading the message falls under the category of a call to action.

Don’t assume the reader understands what to do; instead, include it in the text’s body. Use a CTA that is obvious and specify what the customer should do.

Bulk SMS Marketing Communicate at the Appropriate Moment.

The best moment to communicate with your consumers must be determined. The last thing you would want is for your message to be the one that wakes up your consumer in the morning or disturbs them at night when they are fast asleep. Depending on the niche that your organization occupies, you need to strike a balance. Determine your target audience and the best time to communicate with them to get the most out of their involvement.

Additionally, you may A/B test different times of day to discover which gets the best engagement.

Try not to communicate excessively.

You should establish the SMS communication cycle’s frequency at the outset with your client. It exudes credibility and professionalism. If necessary, explain to the receiver why you are deviating from the established guideline. Perhaps you are conducting a sizable discount promotion that you don’t want your consumer to miss.

A high message frequency makes it more likely that people may ask to stop receiving your communications, which is bad for the company. As a result, make sure you limit the number of times they will see your messages in their inbox and avoid spamming them. Although it’s fair that your company would need to communicate frequently, make sure you do it sparingly.

Make Your Messages More Personal.

The SMS With Us platform’s Text Merge capability has made personalization much simpler. In the text’s body, you can mention first names or any other peculiar qualities associated with your audience. Why is it necessary to customize your messages? Personalized messages have a better open rate since the recipient is more engaged and anticipates getting more of your communications as a result of the name grabbing his attention.

Additionally, it makes your clients feel special and they may even wonder how you came up with their names. For them, it demonstrates that the brand is thinking of them. Additionally, you might send them customized birthday and anniversary messages that reflect how long they have been associated with your company.

In Conclusion To the Effective Strategies Of SMS Marketing.

SMS marketing offers the highest return on investment of any mobile marketing tactic. By utilizing these seven fantastic tactics, you may position your marketing plan specifically to take full advantage of all the advantages SMS marketing has to offer in 2022. 7 Effective Strategies For Bulk SMS Marketing