Transactional SMS Services

How to Grow Your Business using Transactional SMS Services.

Transactional SMS services are a type of automated text message that businesses send to customers to provide important information about using their services or products personally.

Transactional SMS services are non-promotional messages that are sent to customers in Nigeria and provide them with personalized information about a transaction they have had with a business.

For instance, if your company offers an online lending service, you may use a transactional SMS to send your customer an electronic receipt.

Over the years, the idea behind SMS company promotion has undergone significant change. Even recently, the majority of businesses relied only on SMS advertising to market their goods and services to customers.

However, the emphasis now is on informing communication that helps clients on their customer journey rather than pushing promoted communication. The dynamics of business-customer relationships have drastically changed as a result.

Sending transactional content via SMS is far more successful at reaching customers. The majority of customers prefer to get essential updates, including reminders for appointments or security breaches, by text message.

According to research, the average individual responds to emails in 90 minutes, whereas texts only require 90 seconds. Consumers of today have grown to anticipate personalized and interesting messaging.

Marketers must create a mobile strategy that strengthens marketing efforts with communications that speak to consumers most directly on their devices in order to meet these demands.

Consumers want companies to SMS them 75% of the time for anything from offers to information to appointments or payment reminders. For marketers, there is a sizable untapped market here.

Transactional SMS Services
Transactional SMS Services

How to Use the Nigerian Transactional SMS Services.

How to Grow Your Business Faster in 2022 using Transactional SMS Services.

Here Are Some Usage Examples For Transactional SMS Services.

Activation/Verification of Accounts (Identity Verification).

You can implement an account activation or verification option with transactional SMS to improve security for your consumers. Customers will receive a special code when they log in or register, and they will then need to validate their account by clicking an activation link or inputting a verification code on their mobile device. A One-Time Password is the name of the code (OTP). Only those who should have access to accounts are granted that access by adding this extra step. SMS identity confirmation is a low-cost, incredibly dependable, and practical approach to boost security and provide peace of mind.

Shipping/Delivery/Pickup Notifications.

After an order is placed, you may send your customers text messages with real-time updates on shipping, delivery, and pickup. Customers will be able to track their shipments with the help of a straightforward delivery update, shipping confirmation, or pickup notification, which may be sent directly to their mobile device. This fosters a feeling of trust and aids in developing and preserving a positive client connection. Providing clients with shipment and delivery details is crucial. The customer is informed that things are on their way and instructed to keep a watch out for them through this transactional SMS. It’s crucial to notify customers when their orders are available since more businesses are allowing customers to place online orders and pick them up in-store. If a consumer arrives at the store and their things are not ready, they will be dissatisfied. These kinds of SMS messages can be used to quickly alert recipients that they can now drop by to pick up the item.

Order Confirmations.

Order confirmation SMS messages have a similar function as shipping, delivery, and pickup alerts. They confirm that the order has been successfully placed, lowering post-purchase angst and boosting the trustworthiness of your business. Order confirmation emails are an excellent method to both comfort your clients about their purchases and give them other options to interact with your company. Another transactional SMS message that users appreciate is order confirmations. It informs customers that the transaction has been completed and that their order is now being processed.

Time-Triggered Reminders.

Scheduling missed appointments results in lost sales chances. That is why it’s so important to reduce no-shows. Customers can be reminded the day of or even an hour prior to their appointment using time-triggered text messaging to ensure they don’t forget. Additionally, you may automatically contact consumers who bought consumable products when it’s time to restock their inventory. The advantage of a text is that it will serve as a reminder even if they are on the go, making it easily accessible. It can be simple to forget about an appointment when the time comes when it was made weeks or months in advance. With busy clients, a quick text reminder can go a long way toward reducing the number of missed appointments.

Booking Confirmations Or Cancellations.

Reminding consumers of their booking status for a hotel stay, airline, or other activities is easy to do by sending transactional Bulk SMS messages to them.

Billing And Payments On A Recurring Basis.

Transactional SMS enables you to inform your clients about each financial transaction they conduct. If your company offers paid plans or an automatic recurring billing option, you may send out e-receipts to your consumers and let them know when their payments are due and successful. By promoting a trustworthy and secure method of conducting financial transactions through a communication channel, offers transparency to your business’s connection with its clients.

Benefits Of Transactional SMS Services.

Transactional SMS messages are time-sensitive, meaning they are sent to a customer in response to a particular moment or occurrence.

It helps you lessen your dependency on marketing messaging to keep in touch with your customers by keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Without the use of marketing messaging, service-based communications can assist develop the first mobile relationships with new clients.

Additionally, it gives you the option to add new members to your mobile database, which you can then utilize for marketing.

You may develop a direct link between your brand and your customers, foster customer loyalty, and increase sales while ensuring a consistent and seamless experience by keeping consumers interested after a transaction.

Sending Transactional SMS: How to Do It.

It’s simple to end a transactional SMS. All you require to deliver SMS to your intended audience quickly and efficiently is an SMS API platform that you can integrate into your current system.

You can look for bulk SMS providers and use their cutting-edge services to automate your bulk transactional SMS to make the procedure more efficient and swift.

To send the SMS effectively, you simply need to integrate, choose your target audience, select a trigger event, and build prepared responses.

Both your sender ID and your SMS message can be further customized.

Your platform will instantly send a customized transactional SMS to a customer after they have finished a predetermined action.

For instance, your system will send the consumer an order confirmation SMS in response to them placing an order on your e-commerce site.

Your communication process will be made simpler, as a result, allowing you to rapidly interact with customers around the world over a secure communication channel.


For companies that want to enhance their customers’ experiences through effective communication, transactional SMS is a need.

If your company lacks the connectors and technology required to simplify delivering transactional SMS, you can simply ask the providers of specialized bulk SMS API platforms for assistance.

With the appropriate technology and tools, they will assist you in integrating and implementing cutting-edge mass messaging methods, empowering your firm to foster scalable growth.

In addition to being essential for providing an impacting customer experience, creating an interactive communication channel that offers value to the customers is also essential for building a strong customer-business relationship from the outset.

Transactional SMS is a well-defined customer interaction technique that keeps your business ahead, and communicating with your customers through it is cheaper, faster, more dependable, and more convenient than other methods. Transactional SMS Services